Art and Technology Go Hand & Hand

“Technology should be like oxygen,
ubiquitous and pervious in the classroom”- Chris Lehman

Why use technology in Art Class?

  • Creativity and Innovation is a 21st century skill; It's one of the four C's - critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation.

from Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Why publish student work and curriculum?

Reflection, process, media literacy, digital literacy

Getting kids to attract a wider/global audience

Throughout our students' future, they will be collaborating with others from around the world...speaking, looking, and creating.

How do I use technology in the Art Classroom?

Students use and interact with the information on the class web site (wiki or google site)

Students use a variety of tools to communicate, collaborate, showcase their work, and articulate what they have learned: iweb, photoshop, imovie, iphoto, skype, voicethread, google docs, google sites


Kendra Farrell's Prezi Presentation on why global collaboration is so essential in today's classrooms:

Examples of Student Work

Photo 1: Famous Photographer - Multimedia Project

Photo 1: Multimedia/Photojournalism Project: Who Am I?

Design: Public Service Announcement: Change the World

Photo 1: Final Portfolio

Photo 1: Final Porfolio2

Art Fundamentals: Final Portfolio

Art Fundamentals: Final Portfolio

Drawing & Painting: Final Portfolio2

Drawing & Painting: Final Portfolio